Our aim is to provide first class hospitality along with a memorable culinary experience. From start to finish, you will receive exceptional customer service, mouth-watering food, exotic cocktails and an extensive wine list. Your dining experience will encompass some of the amazing flavors from the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and even some of the undiscovered regions of Mexico & South America.
At BuenaVista you can try “yucca” (or cassava) from Cuba, “barbacoa” (or pozole) from Mexico and Patagonian cuisine from southernmost South America. You’ll be able to experience how the regional Caribbean and South American climates influence certain dishes.

BuenaVista strides to create the most vibrant and enjoyable modern-day Latin American gastro experience for its customers. We look to provide an exceptional dining, bar and catering experience for our customers by serving the freshest foods, finest wines and perfect cocktails to pair with your meal. We also offer outstanding catering services. Our menu was created by renowned chef Eric Basulto. Eric was previously the executive chef at both the Hoboken ‘W Hotel’ and the 3 star New York Times rated “La Fonda del Sol” in Midtown Manhattan. Eric used his extensive international culinary knowledge to encapsulate authentic gourmet Latin American dishes with exceptional presentation. Our cocktails are a fusion of spirits, muddled fruits, purees, bitters and other secret ingredients. BuenaVista’s wine list was created not only to pair with our food menu but also to be enjoyed on their own. Our domestic and imported wine list includes some of the world’s best rated wines such as
California’s Caymus and Tereza from Argentina.